Sunday, 7 May 2017

Our last three days at sea

Watched a couple of shows, went to our last World Voyage cocktail party and enjoyed the end of cruise party with the Overtures in the Queen's Room.

The weather has been surprisingly good and I've never known the Bay of Biscay to be as calm as it was.

We have had an absolutely terrific time and made many new friends. We've been to some wonderful places and enjoyed new experiences. We consider ourselves very fortunate indeed. Thoroughly enjoyed our farewell drinks this evening with Barbara & Alan, Audrey & Sidney and Leigh & Graham. Good to know that Barbara & Alan will be joining us for next years South American trip.

We arrive in Southampton at 6.00am tomorrow and hope to disembark about 8.30am.

Having said that, there is no place like home, and I can't wait to see our beautiful family.

Thursday, 4 May 2017


Our last port before Southampton. So pleased that the weather was good.

We took the cable car up to Monte and came down on a wicker toboggan steered by the drivers running alongside. It was tremendous fun and a definite 'must do' ride.

Madeira is well know for its flowers and is a really pretty place. Going up on the cable car you could see all the jacarandas below.

We then went to the Wine Lodge for a Madeira wine tasting. Couldn't leave without buying a bottle or two!

Went to a little restaurant in the park and a walk around the gardens and shops before heading back.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Arrived in Santa Cruz, Tenerife at 8.00am this morning.  It's been a really lovely warm, sunny day.

We were last in Tenerife (Playa de las Americas) about 27 years ago for a short break. Today we just went into town, had a walk around and stopped for beer and tapas. It is a bank holiday for a religious festival today and we were told that the shops were closed. Some of them were but many weren't and we managed to buy a suitcase - yay!

All in all, a very pleasant and successful day.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Mindelo photos

Mindelo, Cape Verde

The last seven days have been spent at sea but at least it has been mostly hot and sunny (sometimes too hot!). We've had mainly calm seas but haven't seen much sea life other than one pod of dolphins.

There is always a variety of entertainment on board so you can generally find something to keep you occupied. We've also had a crew sports day, another Crossing the Line ceremony and the crew talent show. Not all of the insight talks are worth seeing but those by Malcolm Nelson on customs and drug smuggling were both interesting and amusing so the theatre was pretty packed each time.

We've met up with a number of fellow guests on different occasions for drinks including a lovely couple, Mandy & Guil who embarked at Cape Town. Mandy is the cousin of Julie who with husband Tony were our dining companions on a previous sector and we had arranged to get together. Really good company.

Whilst we were in Japan there was a variety of Japanese food on the menu and since leaving Cape Town we have tried local food from there including King Clip, Springbok and Warthog!

On a much sadder note we received news of the death of a good friend. RIP Roland.

Mindelo, St Vincent, Cape Verde

Mindelo is a port city on the island of St Vincent in Cape Verde. The city is home to 93% of the entire island's population. A settlement in Mindelo was founded in 1795 by the Portuguese which is evident in the architecture and colour of their buildings.

There isn't a lot to see here but we really needed to reach terra firma somewhere after seven days at sea. Not all countries on the west coast of Africa would be very appealing and the ship's review of Mindelo was hardly inspiring so a lot of guests just stayed onboard. It is quite picturesque though with one white sand beach and clear blue sea but sadly no facilities.

We took the shuttle bus into the town but arriving on a Sunday meant the majority of shops were closed. We had a walk around and found a bar/restaurant, the Nautilus, that became quite popular with the ship's passengers and crew. Probably because it had free wifi and cheap drinks! It was quite warm in the sun but became breezy and cooler in the afternoon.

We now have two days at sea before our arrival in Tenerife.